Video: Lost and Found on Utah’s Green River

Lost and Found on the Green from BLOODKNOTS on Vimeo.

This video, from the guys at bloodknots, has a pretty cool story behind it:

Long story short. We took a trip to the Green to float with my brother. I dropped my camera in the river at some point along the way. Two months passed, a fellow guide found my camera in water, three miles down river on the opposite bank after the flow had tripled. It turned on, he scrolled through the photos, found my brothers trailer and recognized the boat, and returned the camera to my brother who then sent it back to me.

This is the once lost but now found footage from that trip. That camera (Nikon AW100) was under water, who knows how deep for two months and it maintained battery life and functioned. All the buttons work, and the lens is in perfect shape. Thank you Nikon for making a bad ass product, and thank you stranger for returning the camera and the stories stored within.

Lost and Found

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