Video: New Fisheries in the Seychelles

AMIRANTE TAILS, Fly Fishing in the Seychelles for GT, Permit, and Bluefin Trevally from Castaway Films on Vimeo.

My friend Grant Wiswell—whose film “Devil’s Gold” has been featured on this blog—is back with another great adventure. This time, he and his camera team traveled to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to explore new islands and new flats. This film, “Amirante Tails,” focuses on three new destinations in the Amirante Group—Poivre Island, Remiere Reef, and the African Banks—where they catch Indopacific Permit, Giant Trevally, and other exotics.

One thought on “Video: New Fisheries in the Seychelles”

  1. How is fishing in the Seychelles in Jan? We are interested in bone & other game fishing.
    What hotels do you recommend, & what guide shop?
    There will be a party of 5 people.
    Thank you.

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