Beauty Lessons—Updated!

Originally posted on 09/22/10.

The advent of digital video has led to a marked increase in the number and quality of fly-fishing movies in recent years. Pioneers such as Felt Soul Media (The Hatch, Running Down the Man, and Red Gold) and the now defunct Angling Exploration Group (Trout Bum Diaries I – III) raised the bar, spurred by the success of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. But, for the most part, instructional videos maintained the same, old production values—single camera, on talking head, poor lighting, etc. Until now.

On the Fly Productions—a New Zealand-based husband-and-wife team who created “Once in a Blue Moon” last year—will soon release “Casts that Catch Fish,” a film that brings gorgeous cinematography to the how-to genre. Here’s an exclusive first look.

According to filmmaker Carl McNeil, “Casts that Catch Fish” will present eight slack-line presentations, five
fundamental casting rules, and the roll cast in a fresh,
innovative and entertaining manner. McNeil and his wife, Jeannie Ackley, are trying to breath new life into the instructional genre by combining high-quality production values, high-end graphics, and
cutting-edge editing techniques. As Carl puts it, “We felt it was important to say less and show more.”

“Casts that Catch Fish” will run about an hour long, and the filmmakers hope to have the DVD on the
shelves by November. They’ll also be making each lesson available for
paid download for iPod, iPhone and via iTunes so that the lessons can be
taken to the river. If you’d like to be notified when the video is available, sign up for the On the Fly mailing list.

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