Video: Gorgeous Pike-Fishing Video from Sweden

Our old friend Rolf is back, this time as director of a great video about pike fishing in the Vindelälven Valley of Sweden. It’s the first episode of a 6-part series on the region. (Warning: In Swedish.) According to the filmmaker:

In this episode we follow Tor and Erik in search of the big spring pikes with their fly rods in the Umeälven river delta. In this area there are excellent opportunities for both to capture the many and very large specimens during the time of year when the pike aggregate for spawning, which normally occurs in April or May just after the ice has left the river. Catch and Release of fish is encouraged during this period to secure reproduction.

We also get to see beautiful pictures of pike aggregated for spawning, but these Tor and Erik wisely leave undisturbed.

During May the grayling also aggregate for spawning and Rolf head up to a spawning site in the Sorsele area to capture great pictures with his camera equipment.


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