Video: The Kodiak Project

“The Kodiak Project” trailer – by LDR Media | Fly Fishing Movie from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

The annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is about to get underway (check the schedule for a location near you), and one of the featured films is “The Kodiak Project” from LDR Media. Check out this trailer for some absolutely gorgeous footage.

According to the film’s website, it tells the story of “three fly fishermen (Conway Bowman, Kirk Deeter and Chris Santella) [who] head up to Kodiak Island, Alaska to fish a legendary river that’s a bit like a unicorn—everyone has heard about it, but no one seems to have seen it, been there or fished its shallow waters. The river is the Karluk and was considered the greatest salmon river in the world in the late 1800’s before 10 canneries and intense commercial fishing devastated the salmon run (an important lesson as to what man can do if he’s not respectful of the delicate balance of the environment).

What remains of the Karluk today is Alaska’s second largest steelhead run along with a robust run of all five salmon species that has recovered. The 22-mile Karluk is almost entirely knee-deep, so it is a rare place you can sight-cast for steelhead.”

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