Video: The World’s Greatest Fly-Fishing Guide?

You know, we post a lot of how-to fly-fishing advice here, and we consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable. But when you see greatness, you sometimes just have to tip your hat and admit that there are others who simply do it better. Hank Patterson is one of those guys. If you watch this video and follow his advice, we guarantee that you will become a great cutt-brown fisherman. And don’t be surprised if you hear me out on the water yelling “SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!” ‘Cuz that’s how the pros do it, son.


The Purple Mountain Damsel Majesty Fly is a cutt-brown killer.

photo courtesy Trout Jousters

2 thoughts on “Video: The World’s Greatest Fly-Fishing Guide?”

  1. I can’t believe the Orvis guides have teaching me all the wrong things on the river Test. I’ll be a snappin’, splashin’ and skatin’ next season!

  2. man, Lefty’s been showing us incorrectly all these years. Finally an instructor that matches my casting ability!

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