Video: New Trailer for “The Big One”

The Big One: Trailer from Knee Deep Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

I’ve been wondering when someone would use tilt-shift photography techniques in a fly-fishing video, and here it is. This trailer for an upcoming film called “The Big One” features a lot of cool shots—from the weird, toy-like perspectives of the tilt-shift stuff to sweet tracking sequences. According to the filmmakers, this film focuses on an idea:

When you hear “The Big One,” you may think huge trout, steelhead, salmon, tarpon, permit or bonefish. But what if “The Big One” is not necessarily the size of the fish, but the size of the idea. The idea of being on the water – whether it’s searching the flats for bonefish or exploring streams and rivers of the west for trout. We asked the fly fishing community from guides to beginners, to fly fishing purists, what “The Big One” means to them?

Big One

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