Watch TU’s “On the Rise” Show on the Battenkill

Check out this week’s episode of TU’s “On the Rise” (trailer above) which takes place on the Battenkill and at the Orvis fly rod shop in Manchester, Vermont. Over the past several years, Orvis has raised more than $100,000 to help TU and the state of Vermont restore key in-stream cover to the famous Battenkill. The result is a success story, with restored stretches seeing fish returning in strong numbers–up to a 500% increase in some stretches. In this episode of “On the Rise,” Orvis CEO Perk Perkins speaks with host Jed Fiebelkorn about the Orvis Commitment to conservation. I was lucky enough to fish with Jed and show him some of the restored water. We caught some nice fish and had a great fall morning of fishing and wandering the river. You can watch the entire show this week on the Sportsman Channel.

Mon 5/16/2011 1:00PM
Tue 5/17/2011 10:30PM
Fri 5/20/2011 7:30AM
Sat 5/21/2011 12:30PM


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