Action Alert: Tell the U.S. Corps of Engineers that Pebble Mine Is Too Risky

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s last great wild salmon run–too important to fast-track Pebble’s permitting process.
Photo by Pat Clayton, Fish Eye Guy Photography

On April 1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened a public-comment period to collect opinions and information about the proposed Pebble Mine. But it seems as though the Corps is fast-tracking the entire process. This public-comment period lasts for just 90 days. Opponents of the mine are not happy about this:

“[This] is not enough time for public input and participation, especially with inadequate application materials on the table. The Pebble Partnership is attempting to fool Alaskans by submitting an application that covers just the first phase of mine development,” said Nelli Williams, Alaska director of Trout Unlimited. “A giant mine proposal slated for the heart of salmon country demands a thorough process with ample opportunity for public input and that encompasses the full picture of Pebble’s impacts, not just what is convenient for Pebble to release right now.”

According to the Environmental Impact Statement timeline published by the Corps, Pebble could have its permit by early 2020, which is ridiculously fast for a project of this size. NOW is the time to make your opposition to Pebble heard.

Click here for more information from TU’s Save Bristol Bay.

40 thoughts on “Action Alert: Tell the U.S. Corps of Engineers that Pebble Mine Is Too Risky”

  1. There are other places that will have less of an impact on the wold’s salmon populations. Fisheries are too delicate to disturb. The US’s need for copper does not override dwindling salmon populations… Study this for 50 years before one machine is brought in.

  2. The US Corps of Engineers have never been known to be supporters of conservation nor of taking care of the environment. We in Oklahoma are fully aware of the destructive powers of the lame civil servants of this organization who are never held accountable!

  3. The environmental precautions of any large scale mine anywhere as proposed has the potential to devistate the quality of life and destroy all fish and wild life. Please never, ever approve this mine to protect the future Alaska.

  4. I do not pretend to know the area nor the risk of development of mining operations. That said, there simply is no reason to to proceed with any such endeavor until all potential impacts have been adequately researched. Take your time to protect what, in effect, belongs to all of us.

  5. I think 3 years is plenty of time to do the environmental impact statement. Mining and good fish habitat can both be accomplished.

    1. Apparently you don’t pay attention. Plenty of evidence to suggest the exact opposite. The mining industry with remarkably few exceptions has no regard for environmental impact.

    2. Thank you finally someone that realizes that mining is not done in the same manner as it was 100 years ago

  6. What is happening under this regime is just terrible. We are a country for the people not for the rich.

  7. Let’s not let the greed of extraction backed by the Trump administration ruin our best remaining Salmon fishery. Why are we even thinking about making such a grave mistake?

  8. My belief system tells me this world and all things in it were made by a creator. That same creator charged humans with being good stewards of His creation. We all have opinions and those opinions are driven by differing beliefs about ourselves. As for me, this proposed mine assaults more than my love of nature and angling. It goes against the very core of my identity. The environmental risk is too great!

  9. When does it stop! The Greed in this country! When!
    This president has managed to undo all the legislation that protects our environment! And why? For Money!

  10. What a stupid thought….there goes the Corp. again…against what keeps our nation healthy annnnd attractive. Political always…who has the most wealth….against the will of the people. Shucks people wake up. Perhaps it will have to be addressed in the Constitution….rather than our illustrious politicians! !!!

  11. There are so few truly wild habitats that remain and allowing this project to proceed would be a tragedy that can never be reversed. The negative impact that this mine would have on salmon populations Is simply to great a risk!

  12. Enough is enough! When is the majority going to stand up to the destruction of our planet by a minority intent on lining its own pockets.

  13. First of all can we please stop with the Trump bashing. The guy has done more good in one year than the former so called president did in eight. That being said as a lifetime angler and hunter with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management my gut tells me this is way to risky . Salmon and steelhead are at a tenuous crossroads everywhere and need absolute protection.

  14. Protect our environment for future use. Alaska is so beautiful. Pebble would ruin the entire landscape.
    Wake up before it is too late.

  15. I’ve been retired now for 6 years & have traveled out west now both in 2015 & last year, and all I can say is we are very lucky to have this Country and all it’s beauty! We are all Stewards of this beautiful land and it’s environs where wild animals & fish live and share this land, however it’s our species that have the brains & science to best take care of what we both share – and Ironically we are At the Forfront and have the means & knowledge to utilize and protect it for Future Generations of hunans & the rich and varied wild life that co- exits and yet we constantly make bad decisions because of greed, money & power! This present situation involving the Peeble Mine is no different – w/ the Army Corp. of Engineers looking at the land to get rich & extract/ mine the resources found there, and that would be well & good if the research were done to best protect this delicate environment – and as always the fight continues w/ the Corp. seeking the easiest & cheapest way to mine this delicate environment and we all know only to well what the Outcome will be again!
    “When will we Learn and quit Raping this beautiful Country – I doubt ever as the Few and Rich continue to run & exploit this once great land – and whatever happened to: the Republic of the People, For the People, Shall Not Perish from this Earth…

  16. Check out the results of the Berkeley Pit , Butte, Montana! Once a copper mine, now the deadliest pit in the world. No fish, no plants, not even insects. Cannons are shot to deter birds ( geese , ducks) from landing in the poisoned water. Now you want to take that chance with one of the greatest salmon waters in the world. It’s proven throughout history that you can’t guarantee 100% safety. Greed will take over & safety concerns will be ignored!

  17. Cuidemos el planeta ,los biosistemas son muy delicados una vez rotos no hay vuelta a tras. En todo el planeta es lo mismo no importa que se destruye para llenar los bolsillos de alguien que no le interesa mas que su beneficio

  18. There is no compelling reason to move this proposed project forward while ignoring and neglecting the value and considering the irreversible consequences that will impact such a unique natural resource area that has no equal in this country or the world.

  19. I am neither a hunter nor an angler and have never been to Alaska. But I am a conservationist and a firm believer that we need to practice good stewardship of all our wonderful resources. Too often, industry has left a trail of woe for future generations to clean-up. These natural resources belong to all of us because we are ones who pay the social cost of poor government decisions. I don’t know the specifics of this particular resource or the mining proposal, but the testimony so far is clearly on the side on “don’t do it” or “please go very slowly and study it thoroughly”. Since this testimony appears to come from individuals who know the territory, I agree

  20. Even though I have never fished in Alaska, I fish many rivers and streams in Michigan. We battle to protect our resources in Michigan and I feel strongly about protecting any resource regardless of location. As Americans we need to unite in protecting our beautiful country and its incredible fisheries.

  21. I have a PhD in Fisheries Science. I worked in this field for the U S Govt. and a. Umber of States. This is the worst project I have ever seen. I am Native American. The Alaskan Natives hate this project unless they have been bought off! It makes the US Army Corps loom bad, our current President who I be.ieve has done well, but this project is WRONG!!

  22. The planet will survive. Only the humans are endangered. Maybe best to have the planet have its way. You are contributing to this scenario.

  23. I have lived in Alaska and been back to visit. I fished for salmon there with my Dad. It is a very untamed, beautiful place. I can’t imagine having that beautiful country ruined by mining. There must be other places where copper can be mined. We have to find other ways to mine minerals without destroying the surrounding environment and wildlife.

  24. Save and conserve the salmon run, one of if not the most valued fish in the country and world.

  25. We have to stop TAKING from our planet and PROTECT our resources! Army Corp of Engineers…. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  26. One Choho per season is WAY TOO MANY FISH to be taken… Natives just SCARf up the fish… They take them all!! Offshore nets just kill the runs !! Yes, I’ve seen it for 30 years!

  27. Surely, the ACE’s are aware that the US Fisheries are in sad shape. Less fish every year and strict rules enforced on the legitimate fisherman. So what does the government do? It approves the destruction of one of the finest spawning grounds if it agrees to allow mining in Bristol Bay! Will this insanity ever end?

  28. This is a BAD idea, Dave Chambers,PHD has been working to stop this mine for a decade…….lets win this one!!

  29. No.ha está minera.enrriqueseran los bolsillos de unos cuando.pero el inpacto ambiental sera catastrofico.daños a la flora y fauna.un gran daño a los peces nativos y al turismo en el hermos Alaska

  30. Whatever they say one knows these companies will never be able to restore virgin land to its original, pristine, beautiful state. I say “NO” to Pebble Mine and any other mining on virgin territory. The Army Corps of Engineers does not do a good job, note “Dr. Go” in Louisiana and the disaster that ensued during Hurricane Katrina!

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