An Orvis Fishing Associate Brings His Art to His Work

This piece is both visually compelling and educational, showing where trout hold in a stream.
All artwork by Michael Young

Orvis Greenville (SC) Fishing Associate Michael Young is occasionally tasked with doing the art on the shop’s sandwich board, where they announce special events. While he does not consider “sandwich board art” his specialty, Michael treats it as more of an extension of what he does as an artist. He holds a BFA in studio art with a concentration in photography and has naturally taken to graphic design, sculpture, woodworking, and even landscape design. I’d say that his sandwich-board works add quite a lot to the information that accompanies these pieces of fine angling art.

Young sometimes goes for something a little more abstract.

Capturing Belize flats fishing in a Van Gogh-ish style.

This detail from the work above would make a great poster.

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