Photos: Bringing Fly-Fishing to the People

Written by: Jon Easdon, Angler’s Covey

Almost 100 people caught the fly-fishing bug in Colorado springs on Saturday.
Photos courtesy Angler’s Covey

We have been working with other agencies locally to help get folks outside. This idea spawned the city’s first Get Outdoors Day Colorado Springs. It was held at Prospect Lake here in town and featured many outdoors-related companies showcasing their specialties–from archery, to rock climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking. Angler’s Covey taught folks about fly fishing.

It was a glorious day to teach others about the sport we love.

We set up a giant Fly Fishing 101 classroom on the lake. We had families–including tons of women and kids–sign up for our hourly 101 classes. These students learned knots/rigging, reading water, conservation, entomology, and casting. Our “extra” guides were then chucking dry flies, and when they hooked up, we would get the kids to come over and fight and land the fish. The smiles were plentiful!

An instructor explains the life cycle of an aquatic insect to a fascinated youngster.

We had 16 instructors on deck for this and needed every one of them. We had exactly 99 people successfully take the Orvis 101 course at this event!

That doesn’t even count those who came through just to get information or ask questions regarding fly fishing.

Nothing beats one-on-one instruction to get a kid hooked.

To be able to be a positive, non assuming voice of fly fishing to the the community is truly a blessing. We were successful in conveying the message that, “fly fishing is for everyone” yesterday. Thank you Orvis for setting the benchmark when it comes to fly fishing education, products, and community service. We are grateful to have such partners to help support and encourage us to always take this to the next level.

The entomology tent was a big hit, allowing visitors to see bugs up close and personal.

Jon Easdon, a Colorado native, is the Director of Services for Angler’s Covey, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

An experience like this can lead to a lifelong love of the outdoors and fly fishing.

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