Angling Art: “April Hillside, Beaverkill” by Galen Mercer

“April Hillside, Beaverkill,” Oil on Canvas, 2013
by Galen Mercer

Artist Galen Mercer lives along the Battenkill in West Arlington, Vermont. Canadian by birth, he’s the grandson of two painters and the son of another, so it’s kind of in his blood. Here’s what he had to say about this painting:

This is an image from that time when stream-side cobble is warm to the touch, but snow remains possible. The skeletal hillsides are a dispiriting grey, yet a pastel blush can be discerned, which increases with each passing moment. Hendricksons will be arriving soon. . . .

You can see lots more of Galen’s art, including great landscapes and nature scenes, at the Galen Mercer Sporting and Fine Art website.

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