Angling Art: Capturing the Moment on Canvas

“Hooked Up” 16×20 Acrylic on canvas
Painting by Steve Cobb

A couple weeks ago, I used a great image (below) by my friend Sandy Hays to illustrate a post about how to get your nymphs to the bottom fast. Sandy shot the photo several years ago, when he and I were fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees with guide Ivan Tarin of Salvelinus Adventures.

Sandy’s great image captured the moment when guide Ivan Tarin brought a brown trout to hand.
Photo by Sandy Hays

The afternoon when the post featuring Sandy’s image was published, I got a note from artist Steve Cobb asking if he could use the photo as a reference for a painting. I agreed, and he got to work. Over the weekend, he sent me the final painting, which is remarkable for the way it captures the essence of the moment. You may remember Steve from his awesome holiday flies, the Santa Claus and the Thanksgiving Turkey. He’s clearly a great painter, too.

Steve Cobb’s rendition of Sandy’s shot is remarkably true to life.

Steve Cobb lives and fishes in Upstate New York, on the northern edge of Adirondack Park. You can check out all his great art and holiday flies at

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