Angling Art: “Fight Club Series” by Zach Even

“Brown Trout,” Oil on Masonite
All paintings by Zach Even

Wyoming artist Zach Even doesn’t look like a painter. A former state-champion discus thrower and an avid mountaineer, he has the build of an athlete who likes to test his limits—as he did in 2007, when he battled whiteouts and horrible conditions to reach the summit of Denali. (You can see videos of his ascent on his website.) But art has been part of his life since his childhood in the small city of Green River, where he was an avid outdoorsman. Whenever he hiked into the mountains to fish for trout, he tucked sketchpads in his backpack, and he expressed his love of nature and wildlife through these drawings.

“Rainbow Trout,” Oil on Masonite

After graduating from college with a degree in art, he landed a job as a graphic designer at Cabela’s, where his painting of a trout gorging on nymphs landed on the cover of the annual fly-fishing catalog. He worked hard to refine his skills, and his rendition of a pronghorn buck graced the Nebraska Habitat Stamp one fall.

“Brook Trout,” Oil on Masonite

Now based in Lander, Wyoming, Zach continues to produce paintings that offer a unique and authentic perspective on the natural world. His “Fight Club” series of trout paintings (shown here) are also available on t-shirts and mugs. For more information, visit his website.

“Lake Trout,” Oil on Masonite

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  1. Dedication to detail and an acute awareness of light and color is evident in Zach’s distinctive style and choice of subject. I proudly own several of Zach’s works and look forward to his next painting.

  2. L’intégralité de ces posts sont clairement intéressants

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