Announcing Our 2018 Conservation Matching Grants

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our annual Customer Matching Conservation Grant program.  These grants are the cornerstone of Orvis’s annual commitment of 5% of its pre-tax profits to protecting nature.

Each year, members the Orvis Conservation Committee explore the problems effecting the preservation of our natural environment, and select what they feel to be the most pressing issue.  They collaborate with non-profit organizations working on initiatives that can effectively move the needle to mitigate this issue. For 2018, the overarching issue is the protection and preservation of clean water.

To address this issue, Orvis has awarded cash grants to the following organizations:

  • Trout Unlimited to support the Save Bristol Bay/Stop Pebble Mine campaign. If Pebble Mine is built, one of the most magnificent ecosystems and the world’s last great wild salmon habitat will be endangered forever.   (link to landing page)
  • Everglades Foundation, continuing support for the Now Or Neverglades campaign. While great strides were made to save America’s River of Grass in 2017, the battle isn’t over yet.  To fund the construction of a reservoir to correct environmental imbalances, this initiative now moves on to the national stage. (link to landing page)

Throughout 2018, Orvis will feature each of these grant programs in its catalogs, website, and retail stores, as well as in other print and online promotions.

“The in-kind value of this kind of exposure exceeds $600,000 on top of the cash grants”, says Orvis Director of Multi-Channel Marketing, Brian Galloway. “These promotional efforts, coupled with the matching funds from Orvis, provide a remarkable opportunity for customers, organization members, and the general public to amplify their contribution to the protection of clean water through these programs.”

Orvis CEO Perk Perkins coined the company mantra, “If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them”. Orvis has selected these projects because they provide us with the opportunity to make an immediate and substantial impact on two of our most imperiled and iconic bodies of water.

“For Orvis, it is not only a moral obligation but an investment in our future”, said Perkins. “We invite customers to participate with their own donations, and we match their contributions dollar for dollar.”

To learn more about these projects, go to the Orvis Commitment page.

Over the past 29 years, Orvis has raised and donated in excess of $21 million to a wide variety of conservation organizations, including National Wildlife Federation, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Clark Fork Coalition, and World Wildlife Fund, to name a few.  Details of this and past years’ Orvis Customer Matching Grant projects can be found at the Orvis Commitment page.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Our 2018 Conservation Matching Grants”

  1. Well done and thank you! This is one of the many reasons that I continue to purchase Orvis gear and clothing – a quality company in staff, product and deed.

  2. I too shop Orvis because their 5% for nature. It is a generous example that others in the industry are following and it is to be commended. I would also like to encourage Orvis to tell us more about the environmental and social responsibility of their production line. I know most of their rods are made in the USA, but would love to know more about all of their products.

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