Announcing the Winner of our Silver Sonic Guide Waders Giveaway

A busy man with a baby on the way, Cole will have to make time to be on the water in his new waders.
Photo courtesy Cole Siegel

On Friday, we drew our randomly selected name for the Silver Sonic Guide Wader Giveaway, and the winner is Cole Siegel of Idaho Falls, Idaho. We asked Cole to tell us a little about himself and his fishing life, and here’s what he sent in:

I am a full-time student and work-full time, so I fish as much as possible, but it never seems like I’m on the water enough. I’m married, and my wife and I are expecting our first child. When she goes to the fly shop with me, she always picks me one fly that she likes based on looks, no matter what the current hatch or time of year. I love fishing the many creeks near my hometown of Idaho Falls with my two fishing buddies, my dad and younger brother. I got started started fly fishing when, as a scout project, I built my own rod from a blank, and I have been fly fishing ever since.

Thanks to all who participated, and those who didn’t win can, of course, still get into a pair of these killer waders by visiting the Silver Sonic Guide Wader page on

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