Announcing the Winner of Our “The Tug” Helios 2 Sweepstakes

Krista Greene should be catching a lot more rainbows like this with her new Helios 2.
Photo courtesy of Krista Greene

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on The Tug, the new Orvis fly-fishing video theater over the past two weeks. Yesterday morning, we plugged the numbers into, and it spat out a winner: Krista Green of Lakewood, Colorado. We asked her to tell us a bit about her fishing life, and here’s what she wrote:

I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk. Every year, we travel up to beautiful Saratoga, Wyoming, to float down the North Platte River. I am 30 years old and have been fishing the North Platte since I was 5. In the past few years, my aunt and uncle have been teaching me how to fly fish. Since then, that is all I want to use on the river; there is nothing like Fly fishing!

Krista chose a 9-foot 6-weight Helios 2, which should be perfect for next year’s North Platte adventure.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and don’t forget: there are new videos going up on The Tug every week.

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