Artist Gavin Erwin Puts His Passion to Work

Erwin works in multiple media, from acrylics and pastels to metal.
All artwork by Gavin Erwin

Gavin Ross Erwin says that he was “born with a fishing rod in one hand and a pencil in the other.” A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Erwin was exposed to the outdoors from an early age, spending many weekends and holidays camping with his family. “I became obsessed with fish and fishing as soon as I could hold a rod,” he remembers. “I started tying my own flies when I was about six years old, using hair I cut from our pet dog, who wasn’t very happy with her numerous bald patches.”

“Modified Baby Rainbow”

As a young adult, Erwin decided that, rather than entering the traditional working world, he would try to forge a career out of his two favorite hobbies—fishing and art. During the past decade years, the 30-year-old has worked hard to improve his painting skills and is now well established as a professional artist. Based on the images of game fish on his website, he manages to get out on the water fairly often, as well, as he features everything from trout to tigerfish to yellowfin tuna. To see more of Erwin’s work, visit his website or check out the works at Lonehill Art Gallery.

Capturing life in the water is a key goal of Erwin’s art.

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