Artist Mike Butler Tames the Four Winds

This 48-inch steelhead weathervane was commissioned for an Orvis store.
All photos courtesy Mike Butler

Woodcarver Mike Butler, who splits his time between Maine and North Carolina, began by making decoys, but his passion for fly fishing (he’s a former guide) made for a natural transition to trout. He creates fish models and catch-and-release trophy carvings—including English-style half-body fish displayed on a wooden board. But his signature works are his beautifully crafted weathervanes. Made using weather-resistant wood-epoxy composite technology, these outdoor works of art are fully functional and one-of-a-kind. He has made trout, salmon, striper, and even codfish to brave the elements. For more information about Mike and his work, click here to  visit his website.

These are truly functional pieces of art, able to withstand the elements.

Butler also creates decorative full-body sculptures with carved streambeds.

Butler’s trophy carvings are modeled on those of late-19th century Scottish artists.

Butler poses on the East Outlet Kennebec River in Maine with his hand-built 18-foot Rogue River drift boat.

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  1. WOW!! Amazing artwork lives in the veins of this man! Love the realism in the carvings and bringing the wood lo life is a true art few cam master. Beauty is evident in all his surroundings> Tight Lines,

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