Artist Sarah Lauridsen Has Trout Dreams

“Brown Trout,” acrylic on canvas
Paintings by Sarah Lauridsen

Sarah Lauridsen, who lives near the Ottauquechee in central Vermont, is both an avid fly-fisher and artist. Not coincidentally, she has discovered trout to be a favorite subject, both in the studio and on the water, and many of her paintings depict trout she landed herself. However, she is keenly aware that she has also painted many species of fish the she hasn’t had a chance to throw a fly at. She endeavors to fix this problem. For instance, Sarah and her new husband honeymooned in New Zealand, which provided fodder for many paintings to come.

“Rainbow Trout,” acrylic on canvas

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from St. Lawrence University, and her work can be found in a few local boutiques and regional art shows in the Northeast—though the majority of her sales are commissioned and sold privately. You can learn more about Sarah and see many of her colorful, funky trout paintings at her website, especially the Fish Art page.

Sarah with a fine western cutthroat.
Photo courtesy Sarah Lauridsen

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  1. Breathtaking artwork. Thank you for informing us of her. I am going to check her site and see if she has anything she is displaying there. Tight Lines!

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