Artist Travis Sylvester is a Master of “Net Working”

Sylvester does amazing work with color and texture. This fish really seems wet.
Photos by Travis Sylvester

Artist Travis Sylvester–whose work we’ve profiled before–sent me images of one of his new pencil drawings, which he calls “Net Working,” and it’s pretty astounding how he can capture the natural world with just pencils. The piece is 28″ X 20″, and it’s a portrait of a rainbow trout that was caught on the Madison River and photographed by Michael Stack from Fish Tales Outfitting. You can see many of Sylvester’s works and purchase fine art prints at his website.

The drawing begins with the eye.

The net and the fish’s head begin to take shape . . . .

Travis works on the water effects.

2 thoughts on “Artist Travis Sylvester is a Master of “Net Working””

  1. Incredible artwork! Looks like a photograph. Travis is a very talented artist, and certainly has an ‘eye’ for capturing the unique aspects of fly fishing, trout and nature.

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