Photos: Beginner’s Luck on Oregon Steelhead

Written by: Stuart Pollock

Is this Heaven?!
Photo by Stuart Pollock

[Editor’s note: We were recently contacted by Stuart Pollock with these gorgeous photos, and a story to lift your spirits.]

To sound like a broken record, winter steelhead fishing is tough.

What is even more difficult is selling winter Oregon chrome to a true Montana trout enthusiast. Comments like, “Now Tyson, [pictured above] let’s be honest here: most people don’t catch a steelhead their first time out” or the classic “Even if we don’t hook into anything, it should still be some great water to scout” were used to provide a glimpse into the stark contrast between Montana headhunting and winter steel.

Unshaken, Tyson was on board for the three-mile hike into this coastal river. After casually identifying the first run that looked fishy, we gave the guest honors with a smug, “Go get em’, Montana!” In no longer than it took me to put a wide-angle lens on my DSLR: WHAM! “Fish on!”

Now, if you have been wondering how to make a grown man cry, find the guy who has put in countless hours that season without a fish, and then have his friend hook up on his fifth cast for steelhead…ever.

However for an Oregon January, 65 degrees and sunny is a win in my book any day.

“What the heck is that?!”
Photo by Scott Jones

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