Superb New Fly-Fishing Magazine Launched for Women Anglers

Written by: Christine Penn

Beyond the Fly is a brand-new fly-fishing magazine dedicated to women fly fishers. As the website version of the stellar new magazine touts: Beyond the Fly is the dream creation of female angler Jessi Kolar. While its focus is on women anglers, Jessi hopes it engages all anglers.


beyond the fly magazine women fly fishing 

Beyond the Fly magazine is a fresh, modern and creative publication designed for the female angler, but with hopes of engaging all anglers by being sophisticated, informative and entertaining. We view ourselves as partners with our readers, our advertisers, our fishing community and our environment. We aim to become an internationally recognized publication, capitalizing on the growth of interest in the sport by strong, intelligent and passionate women anglers. Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our fresh outlook, as well as the ability to inspire the angler at all skill levels. We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal potential through not only the publication, but also through sponsored fishing clinics and retreats for women and children.

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One thought on “Superb New Fly-Fishing Magazine Launched for Women Anglers”

  1. i am interested in the Beyond The Fly magazine for a number of reasons. Because it is perhaps directed towards ladies of fly fishing, and hopefully bringing more ladies in fly fishing and to promote fly fishing generally. I would love to write something for the magazine. I can speak towards fly fishing in New England (specifically Eastern Maine experience-Roach River, Moosehead Lake outlets, GLS, the Penobscot River around Bangor; New Hampshire-various rivers). How I began fly fishing, teaching myself, my experiences since 06/2007. Meeting my husband at the fly fishing show in Marlboro, Mass in 01/2007, etc. please email or call anytime, I would love to assist in any manner. Mobile 603-247-7266,
    Thank you, Tifany Bowen

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