Bill to Create Reservoir South of Lake Okeechobee Clears a Major Hurdle

As you probably know by now, Orvis has partnered with the Everglades Foundation to help save the amazing ecosystem of the Everglades, and we have asked our customers to help through a matching-grant program.

Yesterday, the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee approved revised Senate Bill 10, sponsored by Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island), which sets forth a science-based process to identifying land needed for the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) Reservoir.

“Revisions to Senate Bill 10 have removed opponents’ objections to this bill and we believe this legislation is not only positioned for ultimate passage, but also for delivering positive impact on the restoration of America’s Everglades,” said The Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg.

The benefits of a reservoir south of the big lake are pretty clear.
Graphic via the Everglades Foundation

The next step will be a full senate vote, which should not be a problem. However, then Florida Senate President Joe Negron will have the tough job of getting he bill through the State House.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our collective efforts are making a difference and that those with influence are listening. Our hope is to keep the voices loud and consistent on the heels of this work.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Tell Florida’s leaders to support SB 10 to build the EAA Reservoir. Text the word “WATER” to 52886.
  2. Visit the Orvis Commitment Everglades page to learn how Orvis will match your donation to help fund the important work of the Everglades Foundation.
  3. Visit the Everglades Foundation to learn how you can get involved on the ground.
  4. Sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration

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