Casting for Recovery: A Labor of Love

Nancy McNamara reveling in her fly fishing experience.
Photo by Casting for Recovery

Each participant at every Casting for Recovery retreat has a story to tell. They are stories both happy and sad, but always there is triumph. The joy of mastering something new, accomplishing a task you thought was beyond you, connecting with people who know precisely what you are going through, having a few days to escape, relax, laugh, and grow.

Nancy McNamara, pictured above, was one such participant. Look at the sheer joy on her face! Nancy attended a CfR retreat in the Houston area last April. Sadly, this fall she passed away. CfR staff member Susan Gaetz attended her funeral and remarked, “I was blown away by how amazing her family is.”  Now there’s a triumph!

Amazing is right! Pictured below are Nancy’s husband and children wrapping gifts at the Orvis Houston store two weeks ago to raise funds for Casting for Recovery. Yet another triumph!

Orvis is proud to be a founding sponsor of Casting for Recovery. To the staff and volunteers at CfR, to the many generous donors who support this remarkable organization, and most of all to the brave and beautiful participants, we wish you a happy, healthy, triumphant 2016!

The McNamara Family
Photo by Casting for Recovery

One thought on “Casting for Recovery: A Labor of Love”

  1. Thank you to Casting for Recovery, Orvis, the other sponsor and the volunteers. I am so very grateful for the generosity of everybody involved. Nancy had a magical time at her retreat last April and for that I will be forever grateful as well as supportive of all those involved. Thank you!

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