Casting for Recovery: Life-Changing Moments

Connie Burke and friend grab a little gusto!
Photo by Casting for Recovery

The mission of Casting for Recovery is to enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. Orvis is proud to be a founding sponsor.

No one can explain the therapeutic value of a Casting for Recovery retreat better than the women who have participated. Last summer Connie Burke was one of those participants. Here is her moving account of that experience:

At my age, one does not expect any of those life-changing moments which seem to come with such regularity to younger women. Certainly, that moment during my 60th year, when I was told I had breast cancer was such a life changing moment – though not in a good way. The surgical mastectomy took from me my physical strength and robbed me of my self-image as a “woman.” It was not until I attended the 2015 CFR retreat in DuBois, Wyoming that I became aware of how much that disease had taken away from me.

Thank God, the CFR retreat was yet another life-changer for me! It helped wake me from the self-induced slumber of isolation I had put myself into after my diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The fellowship, love and understanding that were so freely given and shared during that weekend reawakened in me an appreciation of life which I had not even realized I had lost. The weekend I spent with my sister breast cancer survivors showed me I was not alone. The courage I saw in the other women whom I met inspired me to develop courage of my own. I was able to finally acknowledge all my feelings of loss and despair and put them to rest, through the help and support provided by both the organizers and the other participants.

It is really hard to put into words, how profoundly that weekend changed my outlook.
– Connie Burke

While it may have been hard for Connie to put her experience into words, here at Orvis we applaud the grace and courage with which she did just that. We wish her and her sisterhood health, happiness and a long time to enjoy them both.

For more information about the retreats or how you can help this wonderful organization, visit Casting for Recovery.

2 thoughts on “Casting for Recovery: Life-Changing Moments”

  1. I shared last year’s Casting For Recovery experience with Connie. What amazing and strong women I met there, and realized how much breast cancer had tried to take away from me. I wouldn’t let it, and neither did Connie or the other women. We’re all strong. We’re all survivors!

  2. Hello, I participated in the North Fork CO Retreat several years ago and absolutely loved it!!! Can I nominate a friend or does she have to do it herself? Also I am an RN And I have had breast cancer twice and know quite a bit about it. Can I be a volunteer at one of these as an educational participant? Thank you. Pat

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