A Celebration of Women on the Fly

Today is International Women’s Day–which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women–so here are some of our favorite posts from the last year featuring female anglers on the water. We’re proud to feature some accomplished women in these pages, and there are plenty who work alongside us here at Orvis, as well. So enjoy these great photos and videos, and think about the women in your life who have accomplished great things.

1. Video: Maddie Brenneman, “Angler”

Guide Maddie Brenneman (whom you may remember from “Backcountry Solitude“) discusses why she loves fly fishing and what keeps her coming back to the water . . .

2. Video: Finding the “Wildness” in Your Heart

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, angler and filmmaker Kami Swingle presents this celebration of sisterhood in the wild, featuring a great trip to a Colorado backcountry stream with her mother-in-law, Geri.

3. Classic Photo Essay: Maturing as an Angler

Hannah Perkins with a gorgeous spring creek cutthroat.
Photo courtesy Hannah Perkins

When I first started fishing without anyone to tie on my flies or anyone showing me where to cast and when to mend, my mission was to just catch one fish on my own. Any fish would do. When that became a reality, fishing became a numbers game: it was about catching a lot of fish, the more . . .

4. Video: “Some Kind of Exotic” in British Columbia

Check out this glorious video about the pristine waters around Fernie, British Columbia. Our friend Hilary Hutcheson tours the region with guide Paul Samycia, as they chase native cutthroats and bull trout. There’s also some important conservation messages about both fishing pressure . . .

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