Check Out the New Google Earth, Now with 3D! Can You Identify These 10 Famous Fishing Locations?

Google Earth has long been one of the best resources for anglers wondering where to fish or looking for new ways to approach familiar fishing spots. Whenever I’m in an unfamiliar part of the the country, I call my location up on Google Earth to see if I can find fishing spots near me.

Today, the company launched a new version of Google Earth, with many new features. The coolest one is the 3D button, which allows you to view a landscape from virtually any angler. To give you an idea of what these new perspectives look like, we checked out ten famous fishing locations. How many of them can you name? Leave your guesses in the comments below.

[Edit: Now with the correct answers.]

Click here to try the new Google Earth.

1. Three Dollar Bridge on the Madison River, Montana

2. Junction Pool–confluence of Willewemoc Creek and the Beaverkill–Roscoe, New York

3. Montauk Point, New York

4. Norfork Tailwater below Norfork Dam, Arkansas

5. Colorado River above Lees Ferry, Arizona

6. Slough Creek and First Meadow in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

7. Upper Falls on the McCloud River, California

8. Key West, Florida

9. Manistee River below Tippy Dam, Michigan

10. Hoh River, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

6 thoughts on “Check Out the New Google Earth, Now with 3D! Can You Identify These 10 Famous Fishing Locations?”

  1. 1. Madison River – Three Dollar Bridge
    2. Neversink River
    5. Green River – Flaming Gorge
    9. Gunpowder River
    10. South Fork Flathead

  2. Pretty interesting! This should be a regular installment. Well-known spots only, though. I would hate to have someone’s secret spot revealed.

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