Check out “Conservation from the Couch” from AFFTA

As a way to keep the conservation fires burning during these strange times, the folks at the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) have teamed up with Moldy Chum to host online conservation panel discussions based on game species. From stripers, to tarpon, to redfish, to steelhead, every few days, they are virtually circling the couch wagons to round up leading conservation organizations, guides, and fly-shop owners to discuss the state of our fisheries and how you can fight for our fish from the couch.

These aren’t dry seminars, but more like shooting the breeze with folks who care passionately about conserving the resources that allow us to enjoy this sport we all love. Below are links to the three sessions already done, and you can register for upcoming discussions at the Conservation from the Couch homepage. Tomorrow night, the topic is bonefish and tarpon.

Click the links to watch:

Striper Edition from May 7

Redfish Edition from May 12

Steelhead Edition from May 14

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  1. Speaking of the last bit of tippet on a spool, I sent someone at Orvis an idea to color code a 3¨- 4¨section of tippet on the spool about 3′ from the end of the spool. That would visually tell the fisherman that the spool is getting low. Didn’t know if anything came of it.

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