Check Out the Cool New Orvis HQ Webcam!

The view looks west-northwest, down the Battenkill Valley toward New York State.

One of the wonderful benefits of working at the Orvis Home Office in Sunderland, Vermont, is the chance to look out the window at the glorious countryside of southwestern Vermont. Folks are always snapping pictures with their cellphones and posting them to social media, so we figured we’d share the view with everyone via a high-definition webcam. Click on the link below, set the resolution to 1080p, and blow the image up to full-screen to get the best effect. We are just a few days past peak foliage, and it’s still quite lovely out there.

Keep in mind that this is a video camera, which means that you might see folks fishing on the pond behind the office, or perhaps a dog (or a deer, turkey, or even a bear!) will wander through the frame. The best times to see wildlife, of course, will be at dawn or dusk. Bookmark the page below, and come for a visit whenever you just need a quick nature fix. In any case, enjoy the view!

Click here for the webcam page and see the glorious view from Orvis HQ.

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