Check Out the Even-More-Improved Orvis Fly-Fishing Video Theater

Last September, we relaunched The Tug, the Orvis fly-fishing video theater with an all-new design. It’s a place you can go to find a curated collection of only the best fly-fishing videos on the Internet, all in glorious high-definition. No longer do you have to wade through endless shaky-cam GoPro videos to get to the good ones. We’ve collected them for you in one place. There are currently 634 killer productions in sic categories—Freshwater, Warmwater, Saltwater, Fly TyingGear, and How-To—and we add more every week.

We’ve just done a cool software update that fixed one of the site’s problems: speed. When you visit The Tug now, you’ll see that everything is much faster (four times faster, to be exact), which allows  you to browse and search with ease for the kinds of videos you want. So go check it out, if you haven’t visited The Tug already.

Click here to visit The Tug.


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