Check Out the New CFO III 50th Anniversary Reel

A half century ago, the original Orvis C.F.O Reel was introduced to commemorate the timeless, ventilated-port design first patented by Charles Fredrick Orvis in 1874. (See the original patent here.) Designed by the legendary Stan Bogdan, those 1971 C.F.O.s were a big hit and remained popular for years. In 1994, a disc-drag model was introduced, but affection for the original click-and-pawl version has never waned.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Orvis is offering an exact replica of the original, legendary C.F.O. III reel, in a limited run. Only 165 of these reels have been made, in gold color with silver accents. Machined in the USA out of 6061 bar-stock aluminum with type 2 anodizing to the same exacting tolerance as the original, each reel is hand-numbered. Featuring an easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve and a strong check with that unmistakable click-and-pawl growl, the reel is an elegant and useful fishing tool.

Click here to check out the new, limited-edition C.F.O III.

10 thoughts on “Check Out the New CFO III 50th Anniversary Reel”

  1. So I just looked at the posting and the reels are already “out of stock”. What the hell Orvis? Why was 165 the magic number to stop production at? I’m a bit cranky about it.

    1. Bob my wife’s right….. neither you nor I would be beyond cranky if we were one of the 165…… it would be the other way around. But really Orvis….. WTF?

  2. If the CFO is so great (and I think it is), why not put it back into regular production? I’m really tired of artificial scarcity and “Look how great this is, sorry you can’t have one!”

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