Check Out the New Retro-Camo Lid!

Darcy Toner shows off his new lid on a stunning British Columbia river.
Photo by Faceless Fly Fishing

We don’t often promote products here on the Fly Fishing blog, but this one has been creating enough online buzz that we wanted to get out in front it. Your favorite retro fishing hat is back, and it will soon be available dressed in camo. We often seed new products to friends in the industry to see how folks will react, and these hats have been causing some commotion. After Timbre Pringle and Darcy Toner of Faceless Fly Fishing snagged a hat at this year’s ICAST show, they didn’t wait long to test it out on the water. Within a week of the show, Darcy was sporting the lid—and a beautiful cutthroat—up in British Columbia.

Our go-to hat tester, Shawn “Diddy” Combs, also put this bad boy to use while fishing for carp on Michigan’s Beaver Island.

The camo isn’t necessarily effective on the flats, but it still looks cool on Diddy.
Photo by John Arnold

The hats are not quite available yet (we’re anticipating an August 14 shipping date), but you can preorder yours by clicking here.

Jared Zissu is the Orvis Social Media intern. He’s also the mind behind Flylords on Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Check Out the New Retro-Camo Lid!”

  1. I love the retro style of the Orvis hats….My only “wish there was”, is that I wish there was models made in a deeper fit for us cro-magnon headed individuals! lol

  2. same O same O and a “Too Big Orvis Logo”… all made in “China!”
    I wouldn’t buy it, just because. Even though I have some older products,
    but since they sold out, I buy nothing.. They are living on their past reputation.
    Once that goes they will have nothing but their China Hat’s, to reminded everyone
    how great they once were.

  3. Can we expect it in Camo Hunter Orange? I can use it Grouse Hunting. When I see “Shawn The Cable Guy” -I’m going to push for a Camo Tyrolean, with or without the Orvis logo. Which would be fine….

  4. You know, one thing that I really love about the Orvis hats is the retro style they have. The classic shapes, bold colors, and intricate detailing on the hats are just so cool and stylish.

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