Classic Photo Essay: Amazing Brown Trout and Salmon Fishing in Iceland

The Laxardalur beat on the Laxa River is probably the best beat for good sized browns in the whole country.
All photos courtesy Icelandic Fly Fishermen

Ingo Helgason of Icelandic Fly Fishermen sent me these beautiful photos from the past few months, along with a note:

Enclosed are 10 pictures from 2013, very hard to choose! We try to take photos of landscape and other things linked to fishing. Of course some fish porn has to be there, but we try to keep it in balance.

Fly-fishing in Iceland is near the top of my bucket list, and photos like these only reinforce the desire.

The Laxa is also home to the country’s biggest Atlantic salmon.

Here are four more from the Laxa, which is in North Iceland.

And, finally, three images from the Hofsa River, in eastern Iceland, which Ingo calls, “as perfect as a fly water can get.”

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