Classic Photo Essay: A Father-Daughter Trip of a Lifetime to Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness

Written by: Frazier Blair, Orvis Vice President of Merchandise Operations & Planning

The chance to reconnect—and to catch wild trout—drew Bob and Frazier to the wilds of Montana.
All photos courtesy Frazier Blair

My dad, Bob Blair, had just retired, and it was a great moment for us to share a trip of a lifetime. For too long, our busy lives had gotten in the way of our connection to each other and to the outdoors, so we decided we needed to share an adventure together. Through Orvis Adventures, we found ourselves set up with Glacier Anglers on a five-day float trip on the upper Middle Fork of the Flathead River, in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of northwestern Montana.

The Middle Fork of the Flathead is known for its big cutthroats.

We packed in with mules, camped each night on the river’s edge, and fished all day—completely disconnected from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. At the end of each day, we sat in awe of the wilderness surrounding us.

Dad was no slouch with the fly rod, either.

The river was pristine, cold, and clear. The fish were beautiful and eager to take our flies, and we had a lot of fun. Our confidence and technique improved tremendously. I have rarely seen myself full of so much joy as in the pictures from our trip.

The scenery from the river could be distracting and surely caused some missed fish.

We enjoyed each other’s company thoroughly, often finding ourselves in laughing fits about not very much at all. I was reminded of being a young kid, wanting nothing more than to spend time outside with my dad.

Five days on the river offered the chance to leave life and work worries behind.

Spending so much time with the guides from Glacier Anglers—an Orvis-endorsed outfitter out of West Glacier, Montana—was another valuable part of the adventure. These guys had the perfect mix of skill and knowledge, and I was inspired each day by their genuine love for the wilderness, the fish, and the experience.

Days in the boat and nights in camp led to great conversations and sharing of lives.

This is a trip I’ll never forget. I will be forever grateful for the time with my dad, and for the wilderness adventure we shared. We are already dreaming up our next fly-fishing adventure.

Frazier Blair is  Orvis Vice President of Merchandise Operations & Planning. She lives in southwestern Vermont. 

It’s refreshing to just sit on a rock and ponder the river and its surroundings.

That is one healthy cutthroat!

This shot captures the clarity of the water and the beauty of the trout.

The trip with Glacier Anglers was all it had been cracked up to be.

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  1. Glacier Anglers is a wonderful company. I’m from New Jersey and both times I’ve been to Montana, I’ve made sure to set up float trips with them. Great people and great fishing at such a beautiful locale.

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