Classic Photos: A Guides’ Day in Yellowstone

Maggie Mae shows off a gorgeous Madison River brown, from inside the Park.
All photos courtesy Maggie Mae Stone

[Editor’s Note: I had recent discussion with a friend about late-season fishing in Yellowstone, and it reminded me of this killer post from Maggie Mae Stone from a couple of years ago. Great shots!]

Lone Mountain Ranch guide (and former Trout Bum of the Week) Maggie Mae Stone sent in another great set of photos from Yellowstone National Park, along with a brief note:

These photos are from the Madison River inside the park. I had a small break from school and was joined by a few guide friends and a few out of state friends for four days of hard fishing.

Looks like YNP is the place to be in October!

By October, the crowds are gone, but the weather can still be beautiful.

Once the fish is in the net, it’s time to admire it quickly before the release.

A stunning sunrise on the Upper Madison.

‘Tis the season for big brown trout in the upper reaches of the Madison.

Releasing the fish to spawn and make lots more for the future.

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