Classic Podcast: 12 Tips for Fishing the Spring Runoff

In this week’s podcast, 12 Tips for Fishing the Spring Runoff, I give a number of valid excuses for getting skunked during spring runoff, and what you can do if faced with high, cold, muddy water.

In the Fly Box section, I talk about fly rod design, fishing pressured waters, and the reality of fly-fishing magazine articles and TV shows. Plus a great tip for threading flies from a listener who left a message on our Podcast Message Line.

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One thought on “Classic Podcast: 12 Tips for Fishing the Spring Runoff”

  1. Dear Orvis,

    What’s been the hold up with the podcasts. I was under the assumption that we would start to get more get podcasts not less. I’m just a curious faithful customer that loves listening to every podcast every time one is posted. They are rich in information that is greatly listened to by beginners to advanced anglers that I would think would feel the same way that I do. Just showing some love for I company that I appreciate, so more podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you,
    Bradley McKeon

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