Classic Podcast: Tom’s Top 5 Tips for Small Streams

[Editor’s note: This is a time of year when many folks head into the mountains to fish headwater streams, so these tips will come in handy.]

In this week’s podcast, we explore the world of small stream trout with 5 detailed tips (mainly because I was too lazy to organize more–actually there are probably about 20 tips included) that cover everything from what rod to use to how to find your own small stream.

There are tens of thousands of tiny trout streams in the United States, many of which never get fished or are fished infrequently, so it’s a great place to get solitude and return to the essence of fly fishing. I also introduce two new items to the podcast, and we’re looking for your feedback on these: a selected book of the week and “products you might have missed”, a short section on handy fishing products that you might not have heard about. And, of course, we answer several questions in our popular “Fly Box” section.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

3 thoughts on “Classic Podcast: Tom’s Top 5 Tips for Small Streams”

  1. Looking forward to this podcast.
    Any chance we could down-load it on ITunes like the previous podcasts?

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