Classic Podcast: Upstream or Down?

[Editor’s note: Every now and then, when Tom is too busy (cough fishing cough) to get into the studio, we release one of his more popular shows. Here is a great one he recorded on May 28, 2013.]

In this episode we explore the topic of whether you should fish upstream or down, not only what direction you should move but also which way you present your fly. The podcast will tell you exactly which direction to fish every time you go out by using a simple formula (just kidding—did you really think it would be that easy?)

In the Fly Box, we answer questions about setting the hook (again), what length rod to use (again), adding tippets to knotless leaders (again), what to do about minnows sinking your dry flies (aha! A new one and a fun one, too), and how to improve your roll cast by using a different line. I keep answering those repeated topics because it seems they are universal questions and sometimes a different question or slant on a question may make it more clear to listeners. Have fun!

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26 thoughts on “Classic Podcast: Upstream or Down?”

  1. Hi Tom! Love the podcast! After listening for several months now I just went out and got myself a new Orvis Recon 6wt. Love it so far, and can’t wait to really put it to good use this spring.

  2. Hey Tom, great podcast as always! Keeps me going on those long commutes to class. Cant wait for some more warm water stuff!

  3. Great podcast on a simple subject and important subject. Enjoy the listener questions and a simple podcast dedicated to one subject.

  4. Love the podcasts! I wanted to make a suggestion on the Roll Casting question where you suggested a double taper to help improve the distance. I have found that using a spey line does an exellent job as well, you can really use the energy from the line and water to get that extra bit of distance. May not be typical for a single hand fly rod but gets good results for me!

  5. Thanks Tom, I think that this is a very important podcast! I don’t fish many big rivers but I think that the small stream tactics for approach and presentation are really helpful. How about a shameless plug for the new Recon rods on an upcoming podcast? I’ve had the pleasure of fishing the 3wt for the past few months and am loving it. I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the rod!

  6. I have a buddy who’s good friends with a local shop owner. His buddy doesn’t have a lot of great things to say about Orvis. Too corporate, too focused on selling shirts not fly fishing, etc.

    I on the other hand, appreciate the passion Tom and his guests share on the podcast, and I’ve also formed great, friendly, and supportive relationships with the fishing team at the Dallas store.

    On balance, the education I get from the podcast, and the advice I get from my friends at the store make me not only think Orvis first when I’m making purchases large (New H2 at Christmas) or small (countless $20 boxes of flies), but I feel like I owe them my business for all the investment made in teaching me how do enjoy this hobby I’ve only found in the last year or so.

    Thanks Orvis, and Tom for everything.

  7. I’ve been fly fishing for almost 40 years. I learn something new from every podcast. Thank you Tom and Orvis for these podcasts and your ongoing support for conservation.

  8. The podcasts are great, please keep them coming. I learn so much, it is like having a friend to fish with.

  9. Love the podcast. Have been fly fishing for 20 years, but still learn something from every podcast. Product recommendations have been great – learned about new products that have turned out to be winners. Guests are superb, the passion and knowledge they bring to the podcast is amazing. Thanks!

  10. Really great podcast Tom on Upstream/Downstream! Your common sense approach to fly fishing is really appreciated. During your leader and tippet discussions I have not heard you mention the use of tippet rings, no-knot fas-snaps, or mini-barrel swivels. I use tippet rings to help identify where the tapper starts on the leader so I have a indication how short the tippet is getting and when to add more. I cut the new leader where the tapper starts and tie on the tippet ring. I then reattach the 18 to 24 inches of tippet material to the tippet ring. I was wondering what your thoughts are as far as using these additional hardware materials on a leader. Have a great day and keep up the good work!
    Martin Weaver
    Mustang, OK

  11. Love the podcast listen to them on my weekend errands. Just wish there were more. Keep up the good work. Almost time to fish in northeast Pa. Thanks

  12. Love the Podcast! I would listen everyday if Tom had the time to do it. Thanks to Tom and Orvis for all they do to support anglers!

  13. Came out to Steelhead alley this weekend and all the streams are blown out. Had to resort to some fly tying and podcasts instead. Thanks for helping with my steelhead blues Tom!

  14. Tom,
    Just started listening to the podcast and really enjoy it. The leaders podcast you did with Perk Perkins was great…keep them coming!

  15. Good job with the podcasts… I’ve been listening for five years and still get great info even from re-runs. Eric English

  16. Thanks Tom and Orvis! Great to have this one pop up on my playlist. We’re locked into a long cool Spring here in Eastern Canada so your podcasts are keeping me sane while I wait for fihable water!

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