Classic Tuesday Tip: Fixing Tailing Loops

Welcome to our eighth installment of “Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor,” starring our own Peter Kutzer, who works at the Manchester, Vermont, Fly Fishing School. Reader “Phil A.” wrote,

I have a problem with power casting and a tangled mess of leader/flies. Enjoyed the video in helping with my casting errors.

In this lesson, Peter explains that most tangles are caused by “tailing loops,” in which the top leg of the casting loop falls below the bottom leg. This causes the two legs to cross, which is a recipe for disaster. The main causes of tailing loops are overpowering the forward cast, using too short a casting stroke, or trying too hard to “punch” the final cast for more distance. Peter explains what you need to do to fix these problems to create a smooth loop and reduce tangles. Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to put Pete’s lessons to work by practicing on your own lawn.

4 thoughts on “Classic Tuesday Tip: Fixing Tailing Loops”

  1. Aloha
    Being in the best bonefish place in the world (my opinion) we are plagued with trade winds.
    A lot of time they are coming from directly behind you, which affect casting. other than side cast or changing directions which sometimes spooks fish or makes the sun not as efficient, is there any way to fight a back wind?

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  3. As a beginner what can I do about accuracy of final placement? It seems that I am doing good to get the line to land near my target but not on it.

  4. Good advice on pushing with your thumb. I have learned to slow down my cast also and that helps alot

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