Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Double Haul

[Editor’s note: I am off to Belize tomorrow to help El Pescador celebrate its 40th anniversary and to perhaps catch a few bonefish, perhaps a tarpon, and. . .daydreaming a little here. . .maybe even a permit. To get ready, I’ve been boning up on my distance casting by watching Pete Kutzer’s videos. This one is his most popular, with more than 225K views.]

In this lesson, Peter explains why the double haul is useful for adding distance to the cast and taking pressure off your casting arm and wrist. Then he demonstrates exactly what you need to do for a successful double haul, from the right timing to the proper length of your haul. You’ll learn why this is not just a cast for saltwater anglers, too. Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to put Pete’s lessons to work by practicing on your own lawn.

Click here for Pete’s second post and video on double-hauling.

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