Video Pro Tips: How to Identify Good Trout Holding Water

Our Canadian friends at The New Fly Fisher television uploaded a ton of short videos to their “Tips N Tricks” YouTube account. In this one, Tom Rosenbauer discusses where you should look in a stream to find trout. Recognizing how the water flows around a midstream rock will help you discover the “focal point,” where a fish can hold comfortably and receive a steady supply of food.

As Tom notes, the water just behind the rock isn’t the best place to find a trout.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Identify Good Trout Holding Water”

  1. Nice tip! I’ve been looking in the wrong place in pocket water! Thank your guys at Orvis!

  2. Always enjoy listening to different perspectives. Even though one may have already known this it is still good to see and have more understanding.

  3. Thanks Tom, always enjoy your sharing of knowledge in a clear, actionable, and entertaining manner. It Helps!!!

  4. I like how he used his rod tip to point out where he was talking about. Many videos I have seen where they talk about the different aspects of a piece of water and it’s places to “read” for fish I don’t know what they are talking about. Why do they have videos demonstrating something and assume people already know what they are talking about and what the terms mean? How do we know what the narrator is looking at. Would be nice if they broke out a telestrator in the editing room.

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