Classic Video: Casting for Tarpon with a Glass Fly Rod

I recently ran across this marvelous piece of archival film from the International Game Fish Association, which shows casting champion Bill True and guide Jim Brewer chasing tarpon in the Florida Keys sometime in the 1960s(?). It’s a great piece of history, and it will give you a sense of how much easier we have it now, when compared to the sport’s pioneers. And you gotta love the ethic behind, “This fish is so beautiful, we’ll let it go.”

2 thoughts on “Classic Video: Casting for Tarpon with a Glass Fly Rod”

  1. The cast the guy made was a wrist cast like you might make using a 3wt rod casting a #16 PMD to a rising trout 20 ft. away. No wind, and just a short cast needed was the anglers good fortune.

  2. I agree, that was quite a “tussle”. Who needs a boga when the guide can announce the fish as 83 pounds. Not 80, not 85, but 83.

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