Classic Video: Hank Patterson’s Fly Tying 101

You know, I sit just a few feet from Tom Rosenbauer, author of several books on fly tying, so I know what a real master at the vise looks like. And Hank Patterson is clearly right near the top of the fly-tying pantheon, as evidenced by his latest video. As Hank says, “Prepare to unlearn everything you know about the art of tying flies.” Once you’re done watching Hank direct his students, you’ll have an example against which to measure your own creations. Whenever you’re done tying a fly, you’ll ask yourself, “It’s pretty, but is it Jeff Wimer pretty?”

As an added bonus, Hank offers his version of the BBC’s “Downton Abbey,” as performed by feathers and hair on a hook. His Carson is particularly brilliant. Make sure you have some tissues handy.

7 thoughts on “Classic Video: Hank Patterson’s Fly Tying 101”

  1. Brand new to fly fishing.
    Thanks to this informative video, the first question I ask myself when I “hit” the water is,
    ” What would Hank Patterson do?”

    Thanks ya’ll.

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