Classic Video: In Search of Silence

[Editor’s note: I have been chatting with Vaidas uselis and his partner Nerijus about an upcoming project, and it reminded me of how I came to really appreciate their work, which was through this remarkable video. So enjoy.]

Vaidas Uselis, from Lithuania, has produced one of the more gorgeous solo-fly-fishing videos of all time. Here’s his description of it:

Early april… Hatches of first insects… And magical rises on a surface… It seems that you have been waiting and dreaming of it an ages during the endless winter… And finally you are off for dry fly again…

But that doesn’t even come close to explaining all that this video contains: from spectacular scenery to amazing loops to beautiful trout to wonders of nature. This video goes so far beyond the “trout porn” genre, putting it in an altogether different class.

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