Classic Video: “Oh My God!” A Fly-Fishing Nightmare

The 2nd Annual Orvis Film Fest—which capped off the 2014 Down the Hatch Fishing Festival in Missoula, Montana—closed with this video, which brought down the house. The video follows the trials and travails of Peter Christensen as he endures an epic streak of bad luck while fishing in New Zealand with the Nylinder brothers, Rolf and Harald. To make things worse, the Nylinders hook and land gorgeous fish after gorgeous fish, while Peter struggles. At least Rolf and Harald are sympathetic and compassionate. . .which just might make things worse.

It’s ten minutes long, but trust me: you want to watch the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Classic Video: “Oh My God!” A Fly-Fishing Nightmare”

  1. This was one of those videos that made you feel like you were there and as things went wrong the anxiety just built up to a point that you wondered what was going to happen and when the fish finally was netted it jt made you feel good and you wanted to cheer. Great video, well done

  2. What a terrific video…..real guys enjoying the moment and captured just perfectly how all fisherman react in such a terrific fishing situation. Wow, really was a treat to watch it.

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