Classic Video Pro Tip: How to Build a Nymphing Rig

When you’ve been fly fishing for more than 30 years, like John Herzer has, you don’t need a fancy studio to shoot a how-to video. You just sit on the riverbank and demonstrate a skill that you use almost every day. In this video, Herzer—owner of Blackfoot River Outfitters, in Missoula, Montana—explains how to build a nymphing rig from scratch. This is the kid of skill every angler needs to master if he or she wants to be prepared for any kind of angling situation.

5 thoughts on “Classic Video Pro Tip: How to Build a Nymphing Rig”

  1. Ugh. So many things I don’t like about this.
    1. don’t use an indicator, especially a thingamabobber, it’ll scare the fish plus the drag from the surface makes it an unnatural drift. try sighter tippet and straight line it.
    2. don’t tie your dropper on the hook, fish will feel the line as they are biting the first fly and skidaddle. If you already know how tie a triple surgeon’s knot then tie a 18 inch dropper tippet 6 inches above your anchor fly.
    3 make sure you are using fluorocarbon tippet. (sinks faster)


  2. Jason,

    We simply must get you in a boat with Johnny. You guys can trade off fishing. I will buy the drinks but I reserve the right to bet on one of you. A guy’s gotta retire!

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