Classic Video: How to Tie Reece’s Hindsight

Bob Reece is a junior-high science teacher from Cheyenne, Wyoming, who spends his summer guiding for North Park Anglers in Walden, Colorado. He also works with the Cheyenne branch of Project Healing Waters and runs a fly-fishing club for 7th and 8th grade students at the school where he works. You can learn more by visiting his Reece’s Thin Air Angler Facebook page. We have previously featured his Hot Amber Caddis Nymph and Missing Link dry fly.

In this video, he ties a small streamer designed for a specific purpose:

The effectiveness of a smaller streamer trailed behind a large primary pattern is often overlooked. The Hindsight greatly reduces the occurrence of large fish following and not taking a single large streamer. The fish mask gives this pattern neutral buoyancy in the water, allowing for a wide variety of presentations that are simply not possible with other streamers. The hook design eliminates losing large fish as a result of failure to penetrate the jaw or excess length of hook shank that gives the fish leverage

I love fishing tandem streamer rigs, and I almost always trail a smaller pattern than the one up front. My go-pattern has always been the DDH Leech, but I plan on giving the Hindsight a shot in the spring. I have a hunch that this little guy will work great on its own, as well.

In this video, Bob walks you through the pattern, offers a couple of tricks for making the pattern more durable. It’s interesting that the posts the elk hair with the hackle, rather than with the thread.

          Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus Hook (nickel), size 6.
          Thread: Gray, 6/0.
          Adhesive: Zap-A-Gap.
          Belly: Pearl Blue Angel Hair.
          Tail: Pine squirrel strip.
          Body: Pine squirrel strip, palmered.
          Adhesive 2: Zap-A-Gap.
          Head: 3mm Fish Mask with Fish Skull Living Eyes (Earth color) attached.
          Adhesive 3: Zap-A-Gap.

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  1. Fished it this spring for some great brown and cutty action. Highly recommend the bandit.

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