Classic Video Tip: How to Make the Basic Spey Cast

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With Skagit lines and longer rods being the ideal setup for fall and winter steelheading, I thought this video tip from Pete Kutzer—from the “Steelhead & Salmon Fly Fishing” chapter on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center—would be appropriate this week. And since steelheading involves a lot of casting and little fish-playing, it’s an ideal time to practice your Spey technique.

5 thoughts on “Classic Video Tip: How to Make the Basic Spey Cast”

  1. Thanks for the refresher. I was on NY’s Salmon River and had time to practice casting with my switch rod. Seemed ok for about 50% of my attempts. Going up fir steelhead in a couple of weeks. Will practice on my local NH River using Pete’s instructions and tips. Again, thanks!

  2. Great info but no way to stop and repeat at any point, lower or raise volume, enlarge screen.

    When are you going to fix this?

  3. Are you just throwing a head there? Don’t see any line shooting. And how long a head do you use? What about using double tapers? I now if you use a 6 weight then with the grain weight of the head is really 2 line sizes heavier than a regular 6. So you are throwing an 8. Also using an anchor point then it is Skagit heads?

  4. Great video… My only gripe is that Pete starts out right hand forward on the dynamic roll, the left hand forward on the single, then right on the double and back to left on the snap T…. There was no mention of whether this is the rule or if Pete is an ambidextrous god…. I’m assuming he’s ambidextrous… Either way, it was a bit confusing for us mortals… 🙂 I was however able to figure out the dynamic roll and the double today. Very helpful video!!! I bought a switch last year and it has been frustrating to say the least! Thank you! This was a huge help!!

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