Classic Video Tuesday Tip: Learning by Watching Trout Rises

Most of us are in prime dry-fly season now, so enjoy it while you can (or after runoff ends, depending on where you are). You can learn a lot about how to present your fly by watching rises for a few minutes before jumping right in with a cast. And don’t forget, the old cliché, “Make your first cast count,” is as valid today as it was a long time ago when Lewis Coleman first wrote it.

4 thoughts on “Classic Video Tuesday Tip: Learning by Watching Trout Rises”

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  2. Hey Tom and Phi,

    Question: Maybe one for the flybox on the next Podcast.

    What does is mean when you watch a fish eating making subtle rises, not to splashy. Then when you cast to the fish there is a huge splash and giant “take.” I almost always miss the fish when this happens. Is it really a last minute refusal?


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